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Store your Wine Collection in Style and Sophistication with Spiral Cellars

Is this subscription society spiralling out of control? Spiral Cellars provide a must-have storage solution for our favourite deliveries

Glamorous, yet increasingly practical, Spiral Cellars is the perfect answer to an era of booming wine memberships and online orders.

February 2022: As a nation, our love for having our favourite treats delivered straight to the door is growing at a rapid speed as the pandemic continues to adapt our day-to-day. Britons spent a staggering £323m on subscription services in 2020. However, with the luxury of monthly subscriptions and the ability to order anything – and everything – straight to our homes, comes the headache of where to store such items.

Spiral Cellars, the UK’s leading luxury wine storage, is the answer to this new era of consumption, especially when it comes to wine. From the guest room to the garden shed, households across the country are quickly seeing all corners of their homes become a chaotic extension of overflowing cupboards, and, in many cases, wine crates. Spiral Cellars’ underground wine cellars have never been so in demand, not only offering ample additional storage, without sacrificing living space, but also a stylish design asset that makes stocking up on wine arguably more exciting than drinking it!

Following an uncertain two years, from Brexit shortages to Covid restrictions, the desire to enjoy the ease of subscriptions and deliveries guaranteed to the door is here to stay. From spontaneous dinner parties to unexpected isolation, stocking up on our favourite things is no longer a luxury, but a way of life, and who can blame us? The urge to be prepared for anything has been drilled into us, never again taking for granted the ease of popping down the road to grab a last-minute bottle, or the joys of browsing the shelves of our favourite wine merchant.

Luckily, the ease of online ordering and rise in subscription options means our wine cellars need never be empty again! Luxury brands have risen to the challenge across the board to fill the gaps and provide a shortcut to blissful convenience. In fact, a staggering 10% of companies began offering a subscription service between March and June of 2020, (Barclaycard), with wine memberships leading this charge. The Wine Society saw a pandemic-induced 30% increase in deliveries and Naked Wines unveiled surging half-year sales as demand for its mail-order wine subscriptions soared during lockdown.

To stop the new subscription society sending us spiralling out of control when the lack of storage leaves your home in a state of disarray, there has never been greater importance in installing sufficient storage that allows your wine collection to grow, without the joy of such deliveries losing their novelty. It would be a great shame for an order of carefully selected wines to be greeted with an eye-roll and immediate panic of ‘where is this box going to go?!’

A Spiral Cellar offers storage for up to 1,900 bottles; a boundless space for stylishly tucking away bulk orders whilst keeping treasured bottles safe, and importantly, somewhere you will remember! With families in the UK now subscribing to an average of seven services, we’re in a new way of living, and this reliance on regular deliveries and receiving items in bulk, means premium storage has never been so desirable. Many customers won’t immediately fill their Spiral Cellar with only wine, also providing additional space for other growing household items; from overspill crockery to store cupboard essentials, or even dog food to feed the 3.2 million pampered pooches bought during lockdown.

As an avid wine collector herself, Lucy Hargreaves, Spiral Cellars’ Managing Director, says; “As I see it, a wine collection is a never-ending hobby and what could be more satisfying than slowly but surely filling up your wine cellar with each case delivered to your door. But to do this, we need space, and our underground cellars offer a practical, but also stylish, option to let customers indulge in trying new wines, whilst stocking up on their favourites for any occasion!”

Spiral Cellars can create the ideal cellaring solution to meet a range of clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, their personal taste and style, space and budget. The range includes:

• Spiral Cellars – Fitted into the ground under any ground floor room and can be installed in less than seven days, a Spiral Cellar provides the perfect cellaring conditions and a stunning design feature. Naturally ventilated and capable of storing up to 1,900 bottles, in up to 66 separate bins. From £24,550 to £95,000. A Spiral Cellar Kit begins at £24,550 and an Assisted-Kit starts from £29,990.

• Custom Design service – Spiral Cellars create entirely bespoke statement wine pieces, individually and creatively tailored to the client and their requirements. With access to the same in-house design team as fully bespoke projects, there is no compromise on creativity, but clients have the freedom to source the manufacture and fitting elsewhere. A highly detailed set of plans are created ready for the client to pass on to their own build team, from appropriately spec’d climate-controlled ducting to recommendations on fittings, finishes and specific materials. Price varies dependent on project, starts from £7,500.

Spiral Cellars range can be viewed online at

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