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The Ambrette serves up a six-course jazz tasting experience this May

The Ambrette is launching a brand new jazz tasting experience this May with an experimental menu, paired with classical jazz to take the enjoyment of food beyond just taste.

Starting on Tuesday 17th May at its Canterbury restaurant and then the following two weeks in Rye and Margate, the dining experience will feature local musician Tony Richards and his team, playing live to accompany a menu created by Michelin-listed head-chef Dev Biswal.

His signature style of fusion cooking, infusing fresh and experimental ingredients inspired by global cuisine, has been brought to bear on a specially-designed menu which accentuates tastes, textures and aromas from around the world.

Dev Biswal, head-chef and owner of The Ambrette said: “We’re always looking for interesting and exciting new ways for our customers to enjoy our food and live music allows them to do just that. It should be more than just ambiance or background music; for me it’s about combining the sensory experience in order to really take dining to a whole new place.

“Great food should be about more than just taste, it should excite all the senses. When you bite into food you’re not just tasting the flavour, you’re experiencing the sensations of eating it too; whether it’s crisp, crunchy, sweet or sour, spicy or salty and so on, as well as the atmosphere you’re eating in. The way it looks, the way it feels and the way it sounds are all just as important to the experience of eating.”

Dosai with gently spiced potatoes

Dosai with gently spiced potatoes

Accompanied by a ‘tailored-to-taste’ jazz session, the experience begins with a starter of dosai, served with gently spiced potatoes, mustard and onions and a coconut, green pea and pineapple chutney. This is followed by a foraged salad from woods in the Kentish countryside, with home cured salmon.

The next dish is hake with mung lentil kedgeree, seafood Rasam, crispy fish skin and a sea spinach and fennel salad.

A belly of succulent Kentish pork and stir fried broccoli comes next, served with a spiced apple chutney, apple pickle, spiced dauphinoise potatoes, homemade crackling and a sauce of malt vinegar and garlic wine.

The penultimate dish is a fillet of Hereford beef, served with stir fried spring greens and a sauce of tamarind, garlic and Kent pears. Then to finish, a rhubarb and lime posset is served with spice infused blood orange and smoky black cardamom flavoured dark chocolate.

Rhubarb and lime posset

Rhubarb and lime posset

The jazz tasting experience is available to book online now. It takes place in Canterbury on 17th May, Rye on 24th May, and Margate on 31st May, at a price of £44.99 per head.

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