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Art is wonderful. Art is freeing. Art is the essence of life brought down to its purest form, a form that has many different faces and many different outlets. Art can bring people together in a common love, or it can cause debate and discussion. What is incredible about art is that whilst one person may see one thing, another could see (or feel – much art is about the feelings that are created in the viewer) something entirely different, and neither would be wrong.


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Art, therefore, is a way for us all to be equal; if no interpretation can be wrong, then they must all be right.

Art has been a part of humanity since the earliest times, since cavemen daubed on rocky walls, and it has evolved and changed over many hundreds of thousands of years to strike a chord with the people of the time in which it is created. But art has a magical quality that also makes it timeless, which is why when we look at the art made by medieval painters, Renaissance sculptures, or Victorian photographers, we often find ourselves struck by the emotions that the artist intended us to feel all along.

Our county has a rich and varied history when it comes to art – and a rich and varied present and future too; all we need to do is slow down enough to appreciate it.


Sarah Staton’s Steve at Folkestone Harbour


From Folkestone’s Creative Quarter to WhitLit, Kent’s cultural scene is coming alive this summer. Read all about our favourite highlights in our May issue, starting on page 21 HERE.

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