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The best olive oil we’ve tried – here’s why you should try it too – MANAYI

“A liquid gold-like substance, Manayi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the ultimate compliment to any dish and perfect for use in cooking. Unrivalled in quality, even the most discerning of palates and olive oil connoisseurs are certain to praise the flavour and texture of Manayi. An absolute must for any kitchen or chef.” – Olivia Riccini, Features Writer, insideKENT

Taken from branch to bottle in just four hours, Manayi is superior-grade extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), extracted directly from the olives from the trees of one of the richest cultivating regions in Cyprus for Olive Oil. This area is called StavroVouni, meaning the Holy Mountain.

“We produce our oil naturally, unrefined, unblended which is 100% unfiltered and cold pressed in a way that preserves its natural taste and ultimately will be of the greatest benefit for one’s health. This area has been our family home away from home for 20 years where our father began planting and growing olive trees as a personal hobby and would share amongst family and friends after each harvest.” – Artemis, Co-Founder of Manayi

Why the name Manayi? Deriving from the two Greek words ‘Mana’ meaning Mother and ‘Yi’ meaning Earth. ‘We’re ready to bring a slice of our home to yours.’

Find out more, see more products and order your bottle of Manayi Olive Oil here:

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