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The Essence Of The Rainforest, Amázzoni Gin Confirms Its Engagement To Preserving The Amazon Rainforest

Amázzoni is named after the river goddess, the Amazon, and was conceived by Arturo Isola and Alexandre Mazza, an Italian architect and a Brazilian artist that met through their mutual passion for all things gin. To make the finest gin possible, they recruited the bartender’s bartender, and perhaps the hottest drinks creator in the world at the moment, Tato Giovannoni, to put together Amázzoni’s gorgeous recipe.

True to the soul of the rainforest, it is rich with citrus and spicy, fragrant aromatics such as lemongrass and maxixe, the Brazilian Gherkin. Amázzoni is the first craft gin to come out of Brazil. Made with five natural botanicals to represent the five Brazilian Biomes – never used before in any gin, it is the spirit and essence of Brazil.

Trees. Water. Oxygen. Wildlife. Life.

Owner’s of Amázzoni, Brazil’s first craft gin, have arranged with their UK distributor, the NOMAD Collection, to donate £2 for every bottle of Amázzoni sold in the UK to NGO Vem do Xingu, between now and the grand finale of Amázzoni’s international Cocktail competition in January 2023. Vem do Xingu is a network of associations in the Amazonian forest that strive to conserve the Amazon’s precious and increasingly fragile biome, and within it, the forest that provide some of Amázzoni Gin’s unique botanicals.

“The best way to preserve the forest is to protect those who live in it and who derive life and sustenance from that land. Planting trees is important but unfortunately it is no longer an effective solution given the gap between the time it takes the new tree to grow and the speed with which deforestation is advancing. Those who live there must be defended, and so must their perfect harmony with its natural environment. This is why Vem do Xingu NGO was our choice” says founder Arturo Isola, also actively deployed in the defense of “his” Forest.

Vem do Xingu increase the volume of forest’s products from communities marked in a very sustainable way by empowering the network of local association in the territory to protect the forest and traditional communities of middle land, Xingu. This NGO continues to protect nine million hectares of forests under pressure. Additionally, this network is also fundamental as a space for strengthening people to deal with the countless pressures suffered by the forest and its people in one of the most threatened regions of the Amazon.

The Amazon contains the single largest tropical rainforest on the planet. Covering some 40% of the South American continent with it occupying 60% of Brazilian territory. The Amazon’s forests and waters make it the most important terrestrial biome on the planet and that is why Amazzoni dedicates its work to the preservation of the Amazon. Amázzoni’s mission also has a strong commitment to social responsibility with a majority female team, it runs a social project with its neighboring municipality to train and hire women only to work at its distillery. Located in a beautiful three century old coffee farm close to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil’s first purpose-built craft gin distillery. Mr. Isola feels very strongly that only women can be trusted to operate the distillery and manage the materials with enough finesse and delicacy to achieve the optimum outcome.

“Amázzoni Gin was born from an authentic passion for the spirit, and a love for the country of Brazil. We wanted to create a new expression that reflected the ethos of the Amazon Rainforest, a super-premium blend with the purpose to awaken the senses and connect you back to nature,” says the Founder.

Produced on a three-centuries-old farm and former coffee plantation in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, the scenic distillery just two hours away from Rio’s gorgeous beaches is open to visitors. There they can witness the fully handcrafted process that goes into creating each unique bottle of Amázzoni, where the predominantly local & diverse team is able to produce over 2,000 bottles a day keeping the process genuinely craft.

The first craft gin of Brazil. Amázzoni London dry gin is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water, sourced into the estate of the distillery. With 5 botanicals exclusively from Brazil and the Amazonian rainforest and 5 more classic gin botanicals. It is the most widely distributed craft gin in Brazil and the World’s best Craft Gin at World Gin Awards 2018.

The second addition to the Amázzoni Family is the Super Premium London Dry Rio Negro. It is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water and includes 8 botanicals from Brazil and the Amazonian Rainforest, featuring 5 times juniper, an overproof ABV and two complex different distillation techniques.

The newest addition to the Amázzoni Family is the Old Tom style blend of Amázzoni. It is distilled from pure cereal alcohol and natural spring water and much delicate and fresh than previous recipes and includes a new botanica to its recipe: lemongrass in which the liquid is infused to give the final golden tone. Amázzoni Gin has gained notoriety in the world of spirits by winning several awards including World’s Best Craft Producer of the Year in 2018, Double Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2019, and Distiller of the Year in 2021 by the World Gin Awards in London.

The bottles, exclusively designed by the founders, are inspired by Renaissance medicinal bottles and are craft-produced as part of a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Amázzoni recycles all of the residual materials from the production cycle, while using certified reforested wood to feed the boiler. Amázzoni’s mission also has a strong commitment to social responsibility with a majority female team, including in leadership positions, and sustainable production throughout.


Where can I find Amázzoni Gin?

Amázzoni Distillery
Rodovia Presidente Dutra, Km 291 – Floriano – Barra Mansa – Rio de Janeiro.


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