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The Fabulous Kent Cheeseboard

Since 2006, Kent has enjoyed massive growth in locally produced cheese and now in 2015, has an outstanding cheeseboard that should be at top of your shopping list.

Produced in Kent has five cheese producers amongst its members, that each produce a fantastic breadth of different flavours and styles of cheese to satisfy the most ardent cheese lovers amongst us.

At the recent World Cheese Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, which is the most respected competition of its type worldwide, there were some 2600 cheeses under one roof. Can you even imagine that there are so many different types available? The judges are experts in this field and, as you would expect, producers flocked from all corners of the world, making it a truly global competition. In fact, 25% of the entries were made up from cheese makers in the UK, which considering the size of our island, puts us well and truly on the map in cheese terms.

Yet again, our Kentish cheese makers did extremely well, with four of them winning either gold or silver awards for their produce.

More information on where to buy Kent cheese can be found at

Our winning Kent cheese makers are:

Hall Place Dairy, Edenbridge

The Cheesemakers of Canterbury, Canterbury

Kingcott Cheese Limited, Staplehurst                                   

Winterdale Cheesemakers, Wrotham


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