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Food isn’t referred to as glorious for no reason: if you’re sad, you eat; if you’re happy, you eat; if you’re having a party, you feed your friends; and, even at the end of the longest and hardest of days, watching your family feed on a meal you’ve prepared to nourish and satisfy them is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

In this glorious world of gastronomy, we are utterly spoiled and among the most fortunate people across the whole of the UK to be living in Kent – a county with countless food and drink producers each bringing their own innovative and inspiring ingredients to tables across the Garden of England all year, every year.

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That isn’t just luck either. Yes, we have the perfect terroir for grapes, the ideal soil for fruit and vegetables, and the optimum farming conditions for rearing beef, lamb, pork, chicken, but we also have experts who know how to turn those fantastic conditions and produce into the most healthy and vibrant food possible. The fact that the Taste of Kent Awards, the county’s longest running and most prestigious annual awards ceremony, is an entire evening spent celebrating Kent’s favourite food and drink heroes, is testament to the hard work and dedication that each grower, farmer and restaurateur puts in to make Kent’s food and drink just how fantastic it is.

When it comes to treating yourself to a slap-up meal in a fine dining restaurant, or sitting on the beach with nothing but some simple fish and chips and the smell of the salty sea; seeking out a perfectly aged cheese, or chancing upon an irresistibly crumbly pastry tart – us fortunate Kentish folk will never have to travel far because we’re exactly where we need to be.

Read insideKENT’s June Food Issue online now.

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