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The Rise of the “anti-SAD” Home

As the nights are longer and the days shorter, this season can be a tricky time for those affected by the so-called ‘winter blues’. Officially known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it’s a common mental health condition that every 1 in 14 people have.

According to a recent survey by paint specialist YesColours, 78% of those questioned count themselves as suffering with ‘winter blues’ and 89% confirmed that the short days impact their mood. With this in mind, YesColours have shared their expertise on how to create an ‘Anti-SAD’ home.

1) Add Colourto your home

Nearly two thirds of people confirmed that the change in season inspires them to redecorate! You needn’t overhaul your entire bed and living room, instead make small changes, adding touches of mood improving colour is the best place to start.

YesColours sat down with interior influencer @househomo to discuss the best place to start. “Pick colours that mimic the outdoors. They are the ideal shades to incorporate into your home, especially in the spaces you use frequently in the day, such as your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Choose the warmer tones on the colour wheel, which will guarantee that glorious and uplifting feeling you get on a summer’s day.

The top colour in our mood-boosting list is, surprise – yellow! Yellow is the colour that represents the sun – the key thing we’re all missing during autumn and winter. The solution?

Paint your space yellow, of course. Look into our Fresh Yellow and Calming Yellow paint colours – they have the positive feeling that yellow evokes, but at the same time are muted and balanced enough to not overwhelm your walls (and your brain too).”

2) Use social media to spark inspiration

Within the survey a WHOPPING 96% of those asked, said they use their social media to gather inspiration for their home improvements. Whether it is up-cycling furniture with a splash of colourful paint, or creating a whole statement wall to add warmth into a room, there is always a TikTok trend to spark the inspiration. Remember, don’t forget your ceiling!

Emma Bestley, Co-founder and Creative Director, YesColours confirms “Adding detail to the ceiling (essentially our 5th wall) draws the eye, creating a feeling of space and grandeur. In addition, the checkerboard over the bed helps to zone the space and makes a feature of the

all important part of a bedroom, the bed!”

3) Mimic warmer weather

For those, who are still minimal interior lovers – worry not! There are still ways to warm up your cool neutral tones. By mimicking the colour of the clouds, a softer warm neutral can be incredibly uplifting and peaceful.

Emma Bestley comments “Stay away from pure, stark white as it will make your space look colder and unwelcoming during the dark seasons. If cloudy skies aren’t doing it for you, we recommend sun-kissed orange tones. They are brilliant, not only for warming up but also for brightening a space. The colour of sunsets and sunrises instantly adds a joyful warmth to any space and has a positive impact on your mental well-being, especially if you’re familiar with seasonal affective disorder.”

4) What not to do in your“anti-SAD” haven…

Emma confirms “Any type of grey or crisp, bright white colour will add even more cold tones to your space, while the ultimate goal for the darker months is, in fact, to bring warmth into your home. The same applies to cooler blue shades, so if blue is your go-to colour, make sure the paint you pick has warm undertones to it – they will absorb the natural light coming through the windows and spread it across the room like a warm hug.

Another rule to stick by is to avoid dark, overly saturated shades, such as browns, dark blues and dark greens. While blue and green are generally uplifting colours, their dark equivalents will bring in the gloominess of the dark seasons, affecting your mood and contributing to lower energy levels.”


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