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The Wonders of Aloe Vera in Skincare

The Egyptians referred to aloe vera as the ‘plant of immortality’. It wasn’t so long ago that it was a well-kept secret, but these days it can be found as an ingredient in everything from toothpaste and aftersun lotion, to yoghurt and tea. In fact, it has been used for therapeutic purposes by many cultures for literally thousands of years. Here are some of the reasons it forms such a key ingredient in so many skincare products.

Aloe Barbedensis, more commonly referred to simply as aloe vera, is a gelatine-like plant food extracted from the leaves of the aloe plant. It can be applied topically even in its rawest form, and is effective in stimulating new cell production.

Thanks to a property taken from its constituent, aloin, the application of aloe vera to the skin has been found to block up to 30% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. And whilst it is not used as a sun block, it is a key ingredient in many aftersun lotions, as it helps to counteract any sunburn.

This medicinal plant’s anti-inflammatory effects can also be used to treat minor burns, grazes and to reduce the appearance of scars. In fact, applying aloe vera has been shown to stimulate enzyme action in skin tissue, which encourages the cells that produce collagen.

As a consequence, it is especially effective as a skin cleansing and detoxifying agent. It has been shown that it penetrates up to seven layers of the skin for deep effect.

It is also an extremely beneficial moisturiser as it increases water retention in the skin. Around 99% of the aloe vera plant consists of water but the remaining 1% is extremely powerful, containing close to 200 nutritional elements such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and more that work in synergy to nourish the skin and body.

Aloe vera has been shown in studies to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. In one study, 83% of those patients who were treated with aloe vera gel showed significant improvement, whilst fewer than 6% treated with a placebo showed any improvement at all.

It has even been shown that aloe vera successfully treats nappy rash, which demonstrates it is both gentle and effective.

Although you may think that digestive health is not linked to skincare, aloe vera is one of the best aids to digestion there is, which can also ensure more toxins are removed from the body, improving the skin from within.

The above points go some way to explain why aloe vera is such a key component of natural products made by skincare experts, VitaBella. VitaBella’s award-winning skincare range is designed to fight the signs of ageing naturally. The products are made in Italy from aloe vera that is grown locally alongside ancient olive groves, and the aloe vera itself is extracted from the leaves by hand so as to capture the gel in its most natural and effective form.

VitaBella’s Spa Treatment in a Box is the ideal entry point to try VitaBella’s unique Anti Ageing Face Mask and Face Cream, which has been shown to increase skin hydration by over 20% from just one mask.

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