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The Wood Flooring Co. shares the most-popular items that can be created from offcuts

Here is the scenario – you’ve perfectly accounted for your wooden boards for that brand new floor you’ve been dreaming about. Naturally (and, rightfully so if you have measured correctly), you have leftover offcuts of wood that you don’t know what to do with.

With DIY racking up over 300b views on TikTok, finding useful hacks can be impossible if you don’t know exactly what you’re searching for.

Natalie Mudd, Creative Director at The Wood Flooring Co. shares the most-popular items that can be created from offcuts… around the house and beyond!


Balancing Act

“Create a space to showcase treasured items and utilise your leftovers for boards for shelving. Not only is this a great way to display photos, books and candles but it will add character and texture to your walls. Enhance storage space in an awkward cupboard or style your new shelves in the same room as the original wood floor for a cohesive look.”


No More Ring Marks

“There is nothing more satisfying than starting your day with a cup of coffee or relaxing after a long day with a cup of tea. Don’t let your surfaces suffer with stains or liquid circles and get creative by using your offcuts to create coasters. Whether it’s a simple square design from a small section of board or something a bit more adventurous, the beauty of using a rectangular board is that it can be cut exactly to size, working perfectly for placemats too.”


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“Leftover wooden boards can be really useful, especially in homes looking to utilise their loft space. With no tools required, simply lay your wooden planks across the loft to provide a helpful base for storage, without paying for costly loft boarding.”


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