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Top Tips for spring health

It’s wonderful to leave the sniffles and snuffles of winter behind once spring starts appearing, but while we might like the idea of being well enough to enjoy the warmer days and lighter nights, sometimes our bodies get the better of us. However, by following these top tips for spring health and wellness, you’ll be in a better position to appreciate what the season has in store.

by Lisamarie Lamb

Spring Cleaning


Believe it or not, a deep spring clean can actually make you healthier. It’s a physical thing – less clutter means less dust, which will mean fewer allergies – but it’s also psychological. With the season of re-birth outside and all of its green shoots, daffodils, crocuses, and snowdrops, mirroring this on the inside (changing thick winter curtains to lighter ones, brightening up your rooms with a change of décor and so on) will make you feel happier. You might feel more creative and certainly more enthusiastic for the season to come.



Exercising becomes much easier in the springtime because we can finally get outside and breathe in the fresh air, as we get fitter. If the gym isn’t for you and you prefer a bike ride, a long walk, or jogging (as just a few examples) then the lack of mud, the lower chance of torrential rain, and the lighter evenings will mean you can start up it all again. Maybe you took a break over winter when it felt like a much better idea to snuggle up at home with a hot drink, and it might be hard to get going again, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did, and the next time will be easier.

Eat Fresh


Springtime is bounty time for fresh fruit and vegetables, so it’s also the perfect time to buy local and seasonal and include more of these lighter ingredients in your meals. Specific spring greens include miner’s lettuce, chickweed, and even dandelion greens. They are nutritious and delicious, and make a superb addition to a salad, especially with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.



Everyone can do with a helping hand now and then, especially when it comes to staying healthy. Using nutritional supplements and vitamins will ensure that you are getting enough of everything your body needs to fight off anything that attacks your immune system, such as a cold. Other benefits of taking these supplements include not tasting quite so good for bugs (due mainly to upping your vitamin B levels), full-filling your daily needs of vegetables and fruits (from greens powders like IT works greens – check out this review) and feeling less stressed (thanks to vitamin C).

Clear Your Head


You’ve de-cluttered the house and made sure you are getting enough fruit and veg in your diet, but what about your mind? Is your brain still buzzing when you go to bed at night? Can you not concentrate as well as you’d like to during the day? This could be because your brain has no chance to rest; no matter how healthy your body is, with a busy brain you will always run the risk of becoming unwell. One way to let your mind have a good night’s sleep is to write in a journal just before bed – this will not only be a great way to remember everything you’re supposed to do the next day, but will give you a chance to reflect on the day just gone.

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