Top Wedding Trends for 2020

Getting married is one of the biggest occasions in anyone’s life. Whether you are going for a simple, intimate wedding or an all-out extravaganza, it is important for you to get your dream day just right.  From the invitations and wedding rings, through to the outfits and hair, there is so much to think about and everything must be just perfect for you and your partner. 

Here is insideKENT’s guide to the top trends for 2020, help you plan the wedding of the decade!

Sustainability From Start to Finish

With the increasing concern and importance of climate change and a move away from plastics, sustainability is a key trend for any wedding in 2020. From sustainable invitations, plastic free confetti and favours, through to recyclable decorations, holding a planet-friendly wedding is top of most people’s agenda.

The great news is there is so much choice out there to enable you to have the perfect sustainable wedding. Starting with the invitations, Paul Dickinson, managing director at Norma & Dorothy, a hand-crafted wedding stationery business, observes that “The biggest trend we’re seeing across everything is sustainability, which affects the design and style of a wedding throughout. An increasing number of people are using wildflowers for their sustainable weddings and flowers are just everywhere at the moment.  Customers are creating floral pieces for tables, wall decorations, archways and floral hoops have been a big trend as central design features. It is leading to an increase in customers choosing wildflower designs for their wedding stationery, with our biggest seller continuing to be our floral hoop invitation.”

Making Sure Your Day is a Blinder!

The Peaky Blinders TV show has had a lot of influence on male wedding attire. Whether the groom, a groomsman, or a guest, tweed is the hottest material for any male at a wedding in 2020. Hockerty.uk, who have been producing made to measure suits since 2008, have seen that vintage and rustic weddings are right on trend. “Our customers are demanding more and more tweed fabrics for their wedding day. We are expecting this trend to keep growing in 2020 and 3 piece tweed suits are becoming really popular.”

So whether you opt for a classic grey tweed that looks good during every season, brown tweed that is ideal for country weddings, blue tweed which works perfectly for autumn and winter weddings, or the classic plaid tweed, you are sure to be right on trend.

To ensure you make a real statement in the wedding photos, follow these top styling tips from hockerty.uk:

  • Go for a more tailored or slim fit – there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit.
  • Make your footwear choice brogues – tweed suits and brogues are a match made in heaven!
  • Don’t skip on the accessories –   Just a tie won’t cut it, so dress your tweed suit all the way up.  Make sure you have a pocket square, and why not throw in a tie clip and a pocket watch?
  • White or light –  You can’t go wrong with a white shirt, but if you want to choose a coloured option just make sure it’s a very light shade so it doesn’t overpower the colours of the tweed.

Choosing the Perfect Ring for When You Say I Do

You have the most gorgeous engagement ring that you have been showing off to everyone since your partner popped the question.  And, just like your marriage, it is so important to find the perfect wedding ring partner for your engagement ring. So, where do you start?  Well according to Andrew Brown, CEO of WP Diamonds, there are five key trends to consider for 2020.


  • Make it one of a kind
    We’re seeing people become more confident in showing off their own style, which might explain why tailor-made rings are becoming increasingly popular. Custom design rings are much more personal than those bought from a retail chain, which is perfect for someone who wants to own something totally unique to them. It’s so romantic to present someone with a ring that has been designed and crafted with them solely in mind. 


  • Socially conscious choices


When it comes to diamonds, we are seeing socially conscious attitudes influencing buying behaviour. With this in mind, we expect to see an increase in consumers purchasing pre-owned diamonds and recycled jewellery. It reduces the demand for new jewellery and mining, which in turn reduces the damage that this causes to our planet. For me, pre-owned jewellery is the most socially conscious choice we’ll see increase in popularity in 2020.  

Two hands with wedding rings hugging trunk large tree, close-up


  • Size isn’t everything


We’re seeing a shift away from large, flashy diamond rings and instead moving towards smaller stones, of a higher quality. Customers increasingly want more versatile pieces of jewellery – a ring that they can wear to work, on their date night or while exercising. A radiant, smaller stone fits this brief perfectly. 


  • Dainty and minimalist


Following the trend of wearing subtle, simple pieces, I’d propose that dainty rings will see a resurgence in 2020. Thin (with a width of 2mm or less) or pave bands (lined with diamonds smaller than .01 carats) are a popular choice. It’s a look that is sophisticated, classic and one that will sparkle in 2020.   


  • White gold


Made from pure gold mixed with alloy metals, white gold has a beautiful silvery-white colour which compliments all gemstones. Perfect for those who prefer a neutral tone over yellow or rose gold. As we are seeing subtlety remerge in 2020, I’d suggest that the colour of rings will follow this trend and white gold will be a popular, and less expensive, choice for those who are lucky in love!

Whatever ring style you choose, remember it is a significant investment and a lasting symbol of your marriage. A piece of jewellery that will hold so much sentimental value and be worn for a significant part of your lives – so take you time and make the right choice!


Not a Hair Out of Place 

Wedding day hair is a massive part of looking and feeling your best. If a bride-to-be wants to add length of more volume to their existing hair on the big day, then hair extensions are the way forward.  With a recent surge in popularity, extensions are sure to be a key trend for any bride-to-be in 2020.

Achieving perfect wedding hair can be a real challenge, but like everything else involved with wedding prep, all you need is good planning and a healthy dose of insider knowledge. To help you get the perfect ‘I do’ hair, the Additional Lengths Super Stylists share their advice and some of their own beautiful bridal work for your wedding goals.  

Guiding us through are Rochelle Anthony at The Dolls House Salon (@thedollshousemk), Mark Taylor at Signature Hair (@marky104) and Helen Richardson at Butterfly Hair Extensions (@helenbutterflyhairrichie)

So, why look to extensions for achieving bridal hair?  

According to Mark “Most brides want to look like themselves just more polished.” Many brides, really take to the pampering and beauty side, wanting to look their absolute best for their big day. Time and money are invested in specific wedding day treatments and services they might not normally have. This leads to brides-to-be feeling more special in the run-up; it’s all part of the experience. Long flowing locks and thicker tresses that will hold a curl and additional hair accessories, all come under this umbrella. On a practical level, extensions give you more hair to play with, and whether that is for down or up do’s, bigger hair always looks better!

So what are the Wedding Hair Trends for 2020?

Rochelle says: “Braids seem to still be in and the bigger the better. Volume, volume, volume.” 

Whilst Mark expects to see: “Lots of very loose waves, almost beachy but smoother and glossier. Hair ups are still soft and natural-looking with lots of face-framing tendrils and a loose pulled out feel, almost like you have done it yourself but it has really taken hours.” 

Helen adds that she has seen: “A lot of brides wanting more half-up hair down, or a little pinned up and tumbling waves with a braid twist. I really like this sort of style especially for a spring wedding with some gorgeous seasonal flowers.”

How do you make a style last all day?

As Rochelle explains; “I think especially when working with extensions, you need to make sure you cover the extensions and that they blend perfectly. You do not want any embarrassing moments for your bride or any pieces coming loose, it’s a long day and people are touching and hugging the bride, so always ensure you fasten EVERYTHING! Spray it but do from a distance so you don’t achieve a crispy wet effect. You want a stronghold.”

What about key Accessories?

According to Rochelle: “Jewelled hair pieces work really well with extensions. They ensure the blend works well and they bring together an updo from an event to a bride. I normally advise my clients on what to get like a flower one. I love them for a special occasion.” Helen adds; “Flowers in the hair are great and really bring elegance to the finished look. Even simple flowers like gypsophila look very sophisticated.” 

Additional Lengths, is a leading hair care and extensions brand, who can find an extension option for everyone – whatever your budget. For more information on where to find your perfect extension match, head to www.additionallengths.co.uk

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