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UK launch of ‘Kids On The Moon’ rockets towards The Glades Shopping Centre

The Glades Shopping Centre is preparing for the launch of Kids on the Moon – a free and never-before-seen in the UK interactive space experience for the next generation of budding astronauts.

Scientists have confirmed that a space shuttle returning from a faraway galaxy is on course to crash land at the centre on Wednesday 2 August and will be in situ until Saturday 2 September.

Space cadets aged six to 10 years old wishing to become fully-fledged astronauts will have an out-of-this-world opportunity to participate in a free, three-part intergalactic expedition to the moon.

The interactive experience, led by ‘the Space Captains’, will see young adventure-seekers boarding vessels – decked out like real space shuttles – at Mission Control, and using the wonderful power of their imagine they will travel 238,855 miles to the surface of the moon in an epic 40-minute journey.

Kate Miller, General Manager of The Glades, expressed her delight at being the first venue in Britain to host the star attraction. She said: “It’s safe to say that the phrase ‘feeling on top the world’ very much relays our excitement. It’s a real coup for The Glades to bring this incredibly exciting event to the UK.

“Thousands of children from around the globe including Brazil, Italy, Serbia and Lithuania have loved the exhibition and we wanted to take a giant leap and bring the same magic and wonder here,” said Kate.

Kids on the Moon (002)

Beginning with the ‘Cultural’ module, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about Neil Armstrong through photo-based learning, with a replica space suit worn on his conquest on display.

In the core ‘Earth’ section, images captured from the moon and space will allow astronauts to gain a robot’s perspective of how things look from up above. There will also be live interaction with a monitor voiced by a space explorer.

The suspense will be palpable as cadets reach the ‘Lunar’ structure and don space helmets for their final training before blasting off and stepping onto lunar soil for an unforgettable moon-walk experience.

Kate continued: “Space and Science are subjects we can all embrace more and encourage our children to develop a thirst for, and we hope the event will open up the dialogue further between parents, guardians and care-givers and young family members.

“You never know, the event could very well be the catalyst for inspiring children to become the Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) leaders of the future,” Kate said.

From 2 August to 2 September, departures to the moon are scheduled every Tuesday through to Sunday at hourly intervals between 10am and 4.30pm. Space passengers will sign in at Mission Control at the lower atrium of The Glades at least 30 minutes before the shuttle is due to take off.

The event will have universal appeal, with those wishing to remain on terra firma enjoying the ride through four specially-curated exhibitions – a Hubble telescope replica, an astronaut photo exhibition, an interactive model of the solar system and an astronaut suit collection –  that will beam them into outer space. The under-fives will be able to have fun at the soft play area on the upper mall, which will also have a space theme.

The European Space Agency (ESA) – which counts Tim Peake as one of its astronauts and has a centre in Harwell, near Oxford, – praised the efforts to deliver educational space-related programmes to the masses in a creative and accessible environment.

Margherita Buoso, Head of Communications at ECSAT, the centre of the European Space Agency in the UK said: “This is an exciting project that brings space more than just down to Earth. Space becomes an adventure for children to experience and enjoy directly. We are delighted to be part of the learning activities.”

Bethany Downer, a representative from the ESA communication department and a recent graduate from the International Space University (MSc), will be at the exhibition on Saturday 5 August to answer questions and explain more about the agency’s own space activities.

Kate concluded: “Learning should never stop and Kids On The Moon is a phenomenal activity for introducing Science, sparking imaginations and boosting creativity within a child’s mind,” said Kate. “What a way to show our little ones that there are endless possibilities and no limits to what can happen in the world and beyond.

“The fact of the matter is that Kids on the Moon is sure to eclipse all summer holiday activities in the fun stakes,” Kate added. “On behalf of The Glades and the Space Captains, we wish everyone embarking on the space tours a very safe trip to the moon and we can’t wait to hear all the stories when they arrive back on Earth.” 

Kids On The Moon is a space discovery event launching for the first time in the UK on Wednesday 2 August at The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley, until Saturday 2 September. The event is suitable for children aged six to 10 years, with each session lasting approximately 40 minutes. The event is free, but booking is required via the Mission Control events page at

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