Unboxed Kent Launches on Canterbury High Street

Unboxed Kent, Canterbury’s first plastic-free refill shop, has just moved to Canterbury High Street.

To celebrate their exciting move, Unboxed will be hosting a launch party – welcome to all – on Tuesday 10th December from 5:30pm-8pm. The new shop will be officially opened by Canterbury’s Mayor, Terry Westgate.

Unboxed are dedicated to selling eco-friendly products to help create a world free from plastic waste. They offer a wide selection of produce, including Fairtrade teas and coffees, dried and fresh foods, pasta, rice and grains, oils, vinegars and spices, natural soaps, deodorants and shampoos, as well as household items such as toilet roll and washing up liquid. They are also always open to suggestions for new zero-waste products for them to stock!

To buy produce at Unboxed, you can either bring your own containers to stock up on essentials, or purchase one of their reusable containers in-store. If you’d prefer to sit back and enjoy a tea or coffee, the Unboxed staff will happily refill and pack for you.

Founded by Lynda Desmarais, Unboxed was one of the first shops of its kind to start the process of shopping using refillable containers. Despite all attempts to reduce the mountain of waste material her family was throwing out on a weekly basis, Lynda found that it just kept growing: “After realising just how damaging the plastic waste my family was throwing out was to the environment, I decided to go back to basics and only buy products without plastic packaging.”

However, this transition proved difficult for Lynda and her family: “I tried, but could not reduce my normal or recycling waste easily, since almost everything is sold in plastic. As a result, I decided to start a shop that allows people to bring their own refillable containers, therefore helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Lynda is passionate about helping others do their bit for the environment. She sources food locally where she can, and proudly supports local businesses – especially those selling handmade goods.

Shopping at Unboxed means supporting local charities such as Catching Lives, as well as international organisations, like Shanti Bhavan; Catching Lives aims to support the rough sleepers, homeless and vulnerably housed in Canterbury and East Kent, while Shanti Bhavan offers free education to Indian children from poverty-stricken backgrounds to help them make a positive change to their families and communities.

It also means helping companies that are dedicated to making a difference through their products. For example, since a staggering 40% of the world’s population don’t have access to a toilet, Unboxed’s suppliers of environmentally-friendly toilet roll donate 50% of their profits towards building toilets for those in need.

The launch of Unboxed at its new St Peters Street location is a hugely positive addition to Canterbury High Street – as well as a step towards saving the planet. Since their opening is just in time for Christmas, be sure to pop by to shop their incredible range of zero-plastic and sustainable products.

Unboxed would love to welcome you to their launch party at their new location, 10 St Peters Street (near the Marlowe Theatre), on Tuesday 10th December from 5:30-8pm. Come along for a celebratory toast to zero-plastic shopping! 

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