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Vegan botanical chocolate brand Spellbound comes to market with delicacies for the mind and body. 

Bristol-based naturopath, herbalist, and nutritional therapist, Alex Fraysse, has unveiled a new vegan chocolate line known as Spellbound – Botanical Delicacies for the Body & Mind. Where Ancient Alchemy meets Modern-day Science, this collection is a testament to the harmonious blend of age-old wisdom and cutting-edge research. Meticulously crafted with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, Spellbound offers handcrafted botanical delicacies infused with nature’s finest. 

This collection showcases four distinct varieties, each thoughtfully concocted from entirely natural components, harmoniously aligning with various aspects of the mind and body. The innovative collection includes ‘Digestif,’ ‘State of Zen,’ ‘State of Focus,’ and ‘Venus Passion,’ each offering an unparalleled flavour journey. These chocolates artfully blend the finest 

botanical ingredients with decadent dark chocolate, resulting in sumptuous truffles boasting exquisitely balanced taste profiles. To top it off, these indulgent and delightful creations contain no artificial additives or ingredients.

Formulated by naturopathic experts and masterfully crafted by a selection of the finest confectioners, each Spellbound delicacy is a symphony of flavour. Packed with potent natural ingredients and sensations to be savoured, from the velvety tahini ganache to the resonating aromatic notes of wild orange, the pursuit of wellbeing has never been so delectable. 

By blending ancient wisdom with modern sensibilities, Spellbound’s mission is to reconnect people with nature and their inner selves. 

Founder of Spellbound, Alex Fraysse, shares his passion for the brand: 

“These products have been a labour of love, and bringing them to market is the final piece of the puzzle. I’ve continued to work in my practice, merging my expertise with these chocolates to create something truly exceptional. The ingredients, packaging, and taste have all undergone months of perfection to offer customers a decadent and indulgent product supported by remarkable health and wellness benefits. I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of these products to enhance people’s lives.” 

Product information: 

The Digestif synergises naturopathic expertise and confectionary 

intuition into a raw dark chocolate truffle that uses aromatic spices to 

tantalise the taste buds and smooth the stomach. With curative 

botanicals that are scientifically proven to support the digestive 

system after eating, these delicacies can alleviate bloating, settle 

inflammation and calm indigestion. The comforting concoction of 

cardamom, cinnamon and ginger creates an intense warmth within 

this fragrant little truffle and a flavour that lingers tenderly on the 

palate. Best taken after a meal, effects can be felt as soon as 30 

minutes after eating. 

Move over CBD – the raw dark chocolate State Of ZEN is uniquely charged to 

dim the mind’s stress receptors while turning on the taste buds. Designed by 

naturopathic stress experts, this delicacy fuses scientifically proven 

botanicals to settle tension and alleviate anxiety. The sweet tang of wild 

orange essential oil and lemon balm is enhanced by gianduja ganache

melting on the palate for calm you can taste and zen you can feel. These

calming truffles can be taken any time of day to ease stress and relieve anxiety. 

The State of Focus gets the brain into concentration mode, with this 

indulgent caffeine-free shot of cacao stimulation, brimming with 

botanicals that boost the brain to support memory and focus. This 

truffle is all about balance. The crunchy shell of raw dark chocolate 

harmonises with smokey, smooth gianduja, all enveloped in a 

razor-sharp aroma of rosemary. These can be enjoyed morning or 

afternoon when intensive focus is required – perhaps before a workout, 

an important meeting or an intense study session. 

The Venus Passion truffle is designed to please the body and mind. A little tart and daring, she is dark, smokey and indulgent, filled with soft gianduja and 

reverberating with notes of unbridled cinnamon. Rose petals are gently teased and massaged deep into the molten chocolate blend for a flavour that’s 

delicately floral and long-lasting. This spicy little delicacy is as potent as it is versatile – equally suited for a dance à deux as for a solo adventure. A rousing, exquisite petite mort for humans of every sex and persuasion. 

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