We tried the M&S Café Turkey Gravy Dipper Toastie and crowned it ‘Christmas in a Sandwich’

When it comes to festive food, M&S really know their stuff. There’s no messing about – from Christmas nibbles as simple a cheese straw, through to traditional turkey with all the trimmings, ending up at after dinner chocolates to have to with a coffee, you can FULLY rely on Marks and Spencer to carry you all the way through and into 2023 with a satisfying full feeling. As well as foodie favourites and frivolities for home, every festive season, M&S welcomes weary Christmas shoppers into their cafés for a blissful bite to eat with an exciting yuletide twist – along with some serious sought after sanctuary from hoards of Christmas shoppers. 

With December’s twinkling lights glowing down upon me, I found myself heading up to M&S Café at the top of Canterbury’s store. Eager to try out their brand new Christmas menu for 2023, I geared up to choose from an array of seasonally inspired treats. Although super tough to decide on exactly what – my mind swayed between the likes of the giant cheesy rarebit crumpet with festive chutney and the turkey pot pie soup – I eventually settle on the turkey toastie complete with gravy dipping pot. Although the drinks menu is full of festive inventions too, after more deliberation, instead of a ‘Colin the Caterpillar Hot Chocolate’, I settle for a cinnamon topped chai latte. Delish. 

My toastie arrives, perfectly warm and emitting all the comforting aromas of a Christmas dinner roasting in the oven. Golden brown and just as aesthetic as any of M&S television adverts, next to this sandwich is a little pot of hot gravy, placed there especially for dipping. As if it could get even more Christmassy, on first bite, the toastie proves that oh yes, it can. Packed full of shredded British turkey breast, smoked British ham hock, stuffing, cranberry ketchup, nutty Emmental cheese, and the pièce de résistance, a gravy melt – this truly is Christmas dinner in a toastie. Full of all those flavours we so love at Christmas time, it has all the richness of flavour as any Christmas feast. The savoury saltiness of the meats and cheeses combining beautifully with the sweet fruitiness of the cranberry ketchup. Top it all off with the turkey gravy dipper and it makes for the ultimate magical mouthful of Christmas.

Overall, this is destined to be the most welcomed pick-me-up after a busy morning Christmas shopping or simply just worth a visit for a sample.

Vegetarian and don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry – you’re likely to love the decadent and rich truffle mushroom and Emmental toastie instead. 

Find out more about the M&S Christmas Menu here

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