Why Buying Quality Tyres is Always a Better Idea!

On the face of it, buying the cheapest set of tyres when you need to replace your current ones makes the most sense. After all, why would you spend more than you need to just because a particular tyre maker with a more expensive price tag has a particular brand identity? Although you can certainly make an initial saving by opting for a budget tyre rather than a premium brand, it tends to cost you more in the long run. Why does choosing quality pay for motorists in the end when they change their tyres?

Longer Lasting Tread

When you buy a quality tyre, you can expect them to last longer before their tread wears down to the legal limit. It is not just the superior rubber compounds that better tyres are made from, but the design of the tread itself that counts. To put it another way, if you buy a budget tyre and fit it to one side of your car and have a premium one installed on the other side at the same time, then they will wear at different rates. If you want to save money, therefore, then you should always opt for the longest-lasting tyre you can afford.

Fewer Tyre Deformities

If you have ever noticed a tyre that has gone out of shape, then you will soon realise just how dangerous they can be. On the roads around Dartford, there are so many fissures in the tarmac and uneven surfaces which very rapidly deform the inferior quality tyres. Once they have bulged out in some way, such tyres have to be changed without delay. Therefore, more robust premium brands tend to win out.

Higher Performance

Better grip may seem like an advantage of higher quality tyres but how does it save you money? The answer lies in when you need to brake hard or swerve to avoid a hazard. With lower performance tyres, you are more likely to suffer a collision which will lead to a costly repair and an increase in your insurance payments to boot!

Bargain Buys

Not all quality tyres will break the bank. Good tyre dealerships often have promotions that you can take advantage of. Seek out the best tyre brands but look for end-of-line products since this is where you tend to find the best bargains. You don’t need to have all your car’s tyres from one maker to be legal on the road, so why not mix and match them if it means saving a few pounds? If you’re looking for brand new tyres in Dartford, just park your car at Dartford Tyres. They have a wide range of leading tyre brands sold at reasonable prices. They also deal in tyre fitting, repair and maintenance services.

From the above pointers it is clearly evident that a one-time higher investment in quality tyres definitely serves you better in the long run.

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