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Wild by Tart celebrates Florida Grapefruit season with a limited-edition dish

Florida Grapefruit season is upon us, and to celebrate, Florida Grapefruit has partnered with Wild by Tart in Belgravia to create a delicious limited-edition dish to run on its menu from 20th February to 12th March. 

The Florida Grapefruit Posset with Florida Grapefruit Jelly and Fennel Milk Meringue is a beautiful dessert that perfectly combines the sweet and refreshing flavours of the citrus fruit with the subtle scent of the fennel milk meringue. Offering a variety of flavours and textures, the elegant dessert is set to highlight Florida Grapefruit’s sweet and delicious flavour.  

With the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavours, Florida Grapefruit is at its best from January to March, the coldest season in Florida. Thanks to the abundance of sunshine throughout the year, Florida Grapefruit is naturally sweeter and juicier than the average grapefruit found on UK supermarket shelves.  

Lucy Carr-Ellison, Co-Founder of Wild by Tart, comments: “We’re really excited to be partnering with Florida Grapefruit at Wild by Tart to celebrate the fruit being in season. Florida Grapefruit is a really underrated citrus fruit that can be used in a whole host of dishes to add a sweet and zesty flavour to enhance both sweet and savoury recipes.”   

“The Florida Grapefruit Posset with Florida Grapefruit Jelly and Fennel Milk Meringue that is running on our menu works perfectly using Florida Grapefruit over regular grapefruit as it is naturally sweeter and juicier, creating a vibrant dish that is bursting with flavour, and we can’t wait for our customers to try it whilst it’s here.” 

With the dish just on the menu for three weeks, foodies need to head to Wild by Tart quickly in order to try the limited-edition Florida Grapefruit dessert.

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