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YesColours team up with Nipple Innovation Project to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

YesColours have launched their Pink Pledge which promises to donate 10% of all proceeds from all pink paint sold throughout October to NiP (Nipple Innovation Project).

Founded in 2018, NiP is the first mastectomy tattoo charity in the UK. Dedicated to empowering people within the breast cancer community, offering 3D realistic nipple tattoos.

Currently, breast cancer survivors who have a mastectomy are offered a free, semi-permanent tattoo, which are renowned for fading away. Now, because of NiP, they can access a permanent solution that supports their emotional recovery by helping rebuild confidence and acceptance of their body after breast cancer surgery.

Customers can support the cause by shopping from a range of positive pink hues, which include; joyful pink, passionate pink, friendly pink, serene pink, loving pink and fresh pink.

I have attached the full release and imagery to this email! Please let me know if you require any more information.


YesColours 1litre Pouch from £21 (

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