Your anniversary gift list, year-by-year

Though giving your hubby the latest iPad or whisking your wife away to Greece may sound like great gift ideas, surprising your other half with a traditional anniversary pressie can be so much more meaningful (and fun).

So whether you’ve been married just a few years or 60, the gift possibilities are endless when you stick with this traditional anniversary theme.


1st: Paper
Ideas – Love coupons, newspaper from your wedding day, photo album filled with memories, tickets to an event

2nd: Cotton
Ideas – Matching dressing gowns, luxury bed linen, clothing

3rd: Leather
Ideas – Wallet or handbag, shoes, personalised luggage tags or passport holder for a weekend away

4th: Flowers/fruit
Ideas – Bouquet of flowers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit tree for the garden, floral or fruity perfume/cologne

5th: Wood
Ideas – Plant a tree together, jewellery box, wooden game, weekend away in a log cabin, sculpture or carving

6th: Iron
Ideas – Gym membership (pumping iron!), iron skillet (for cooks), tools, trip to Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower

7th: Wool or Copper
Ideas – Cashmere scarf, copper sculpture or artwork, wool blanket for snuggling, copper mug or kettle

8th: Bronze
Ideas – Trip to the beach to get ‘bronzed’, sculpture or artwork, jewellery, new bed frame or furniture

9th: Pottery
Ideas – Flowers in a beautiful pot, ceramic sculpture, a pottery class together, coffee mug

10th: Tin
Ideas – Personalised number plate, tin of specialty food (caviar), flowers in a large tin, rent an AirStream caravan for a vintage holiday

11th: Steel
Ideas – Stainless steel watch or jewellery, engraved keychain, stainless steel cookware, cocktail shaker, bicycle, trip to the London Eye

12th: Silk
Ideas – Silk sheets, scarf or tie, underwear/lingerie, matching silk robes, new razor or spa treatment (to make you smooth as silk)

13th: Lace
Ideas – Clothing, underwear/lingerie, handkerchief, wrap a present in lace, personalised lace cushion

14th: Ivory
Ideas – Tickets to a piano performance, visit to an elephant sanctuary or zoo, ivory-coloured clothing or bed linen, trip to the Ivory Coast

15th: Crystal
Ideas – Wine glasses or goblets, bowl or vase with flowers, jewellery, a crystal massage, candlesticks

20th: China
Ideas – Vintage china teacups, home-cooked dinner served on your best china, a trip to see the Great Wall of China, home accessories/decorations

25th: Silver
Ideas – Jewellery or cufflinks, picture frame with a favourite photograph, clock, cinema date (the silver screen), engraved pen

30th: Pearl
Ideas – Fancy dinner with oysters, mother-of-pearl jewellery or cufflinks

35th: Coral
Ideas – Scuba-diving lessons and trip to a coral reef, dinner at a seafood restaurant, coral jewellery, coral-coloured clothing/accessories

40th: Ruby
Ideas – Ruby-red roses, red-themed party, ruby jewellery, vintage red wine

50th: Gold
Ideas – Gold watch or jewellery, huge bouquet of gold-coloured flowers (sunflowers, tulips, gold roses, etc)

60th: Diamond
Ideas – Diamond jewellery or cufflinks, a holiday at a Diamond Resort (

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